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The old way of doing global transactions

The old way of doing global transactions
It’s notoriously difficult to transfer money to other countries. There are different currencies and exchange rates - often needing bank approvals too - so it can take days for your money to go through.

We think it’s time global banking stepped into the digital age. The Internet has managed to break down borders across countries– so why shouldn’t banking do this too?

The new «Parity approach»

It’s your money, so we think you should have full control of it – and be able to send it where you want, without having to pay for the privilege.

That’s what we facilitate here at Parity. We help protect your money (whether you’re an individual or a business) by providing a secure digital warehouse – or ‘e-wallet’ – for you to store your money.

From your e-wallet, you can transfer money to anyone, at anytime all across the world – with no transaction fees and no limits on the amount.

Digital Banking
How Parity was born

Parity was created because we’d already seen in the pitfalls in the financial industry – particularly when it comes to making global transactions.

Our two founding directors operate as managing directors in other financial companies too, so they have been working with cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and investment banking for years.

We knew that digital banking needed to be improved - and decided it was time to do something about it. So, Parity was born.

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