Virtual Wallet
Small businesses and enterprises
Whatever the size of your business, it’s important to be able to pay suppliers - and be paid by clients - no matter where you are based.
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With Parity, you can set up:
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  • Private
    You not only guarantee your clients’ privacy, but you can rest assured that high value transactions are sent/received straight away.
  • Trust
    Let your clients and suppliers know that when they transfer money, it’s totally safe and secure. With our AAA asset security, clients can use $USD for transfers - without even using a bank account.
  • Asset
    Move your money instantly across the globe. You can also take advantage of investment opportunities through the app.
Virtual Wallet
and multi-nationals

As a large corporation, you need to have full control over your assets. Things can get really complicated when you think about all the transactions you need to do - especially if you’re used to dealing with different currencies and companies across the world.

We want to keep things simple for you, allowing you to manage all your global transactions in one place.

So, whether you have to bulk pay suppliers for their services or organize a new trade deal, you can manage it all through the Parity app and website.

More advantages
Your money is right at your fingertips
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  • Commodity
    You no longer have to worry about deals falling through because money wasn’t received. Instead, you can enjoy instant and final settlements with Parity.
  • Mass
    You can pay millions of suppliers (all at once!) without them even needing a Parity account. The money goes straight through, so you no longer have to wait for transactions to be processed.
  • New
    You can use the Parity app to make smart contracts and take securitization to a whole new level.
Parity functions
Customized solutions for industries
On top of all the other business solutions we offer, we can also customize services for you. If you’re interested in any of these additional services, just give us a call and we’ll discuss how we can help you.
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and investing
It’s really secure to trade and invest through Parity. You can gain access instantly to your assets without counterparty risk.
When customers pay you online, you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it. With Parity, you can set up e-commerce without any chargebacks. Or just use the QR Scanner on the app.
Multi-family offices and private banks
Rather than traditional business banking, you can manage your financial assets through Parity. You can set up wire transfers, conduct business transactions and accept deposits.
Corporate funding
If you need some extra money for your business, Parity can help. We have a platform to help with corporate funding, including: personal loans, credit cards, corporate bonds etc.
Pre-paid industries
You might want to set up some pre-paid systems, such as mobile payments or gift cards. We also offer Just-in-time funding without the credit risk.
As a charity, you often need to transfer large donations to other countries in the world. This can be done instantly with Parity, with zero friction donation gathering – and you can even distribute your donations to remote areas.
Corporate payouts
If you employ people on a global basis, you can set up mass salary payments to make it easier. You can also use Parity to pay international expenses.
Card issuance
You can set up card issuances and payments in real time, meaning when a customer pays, it transfers instantly so there’s no risk to you of payments bouncing at a later date.
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