How it works

Think of it like a virtual wallet. You put money into your Parity account, take money out, spend it online, or transfer it to family or businesses in other countries.
Virtual Wallet
Access your money at all times through the digital receipt system
Virtual Wallet
Transfer and receive money instantly from across the globe
Virtual Wallet
There are no financial limits and no transaction fees
Virtual Wallet
It’s available 24/7.
You can transfer money whenever you choose
Step 1
Create your account

In just a matter of seconds, you can create your very own Parity account.

You just download the app and you can manage everything from there - or from our website too. You’ll need a phone number and some identification ready to hand.

Once you have your account, there’s a two-step verification process as well, because we want to make sure everything is completely secure. You’ll get a PIN code and a private key to access your money – this means only you can carry out transactions with your Parity e-wallet.

Step 2
Deposit your money.

Put your money into the secure e-wallet through a wire transfer and you get a digital receipt for it. You can also link the app to your bank account and debit card.

It’s safely stored in FDIC insured US treasures, with AAA cash management – so you can access your money again at any point.

Step 3
  • Transfer
    With just the touch of a button, you can send or receive money from people across the globe. The money transfers instantly, and there’s no charge for transactions.
  • Spend
    You can now use Parity to pay for products and services. We’re introducing a Parity Visa Card soon as well, so you can use that when you’re out and about.
  • Withdraw
    You can take out your money out of the e-wallet any time. Just transfer the money to your bank account through the app or website.
  • Invest (Coming soon)
    We’re excited to start offering investment. We’ve teamed up with DriveWealth to facilitate this, and you’ll be able to choose places to invest your money through Parity. We’ll have Robo-advisory, Fintech, and thematic investing.
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