Financial Top Up
Parity is here for everyone

We know that you could have family and friends all over the world. Maybe your friends are travelling and need a financial top up? Or a family member in another country needs money for rent this month.

So, if you want to transfer money to them, you should be able to choose how much you send and when it comes through (i.e. instantly) and not have to wait for a bank to approve it.

With Parity, we have you covered.
Realy Easy
Peer-to-peer payments
It’s really easy to send money to friends, family or a small business. It doesn’t cost you a thing, and it’s all managed through the app or website.
Make it easy
Free global transactions
No one wants to pay for the privilege of sending money abroad, so with Parity, you can send money all across the world – for free!
Your Money
Access AAA $USD deposits
Banks can be risky, and local inflation rates mean you can lose out. Instead, your money is held securely in an AAA-rated, FDIC insured US treasuries.
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