End-to-end security

Parity Digital works in $US Dollars, and you are assured complete security. It’s important that you know your money is safe, so we’ve outlined just some of the security we have put in place:
1. Financial security
  • AAA credit
    ALL of your money is held and backed by AAA-rated assets, FDIC insured and guaranteed by the US Government – meaning your money is literally never at risk.
  • Ring-fenced
    Your money is yours. Once it’s safely in the virtual vault/trust, no one (not even Parity) can access, move, invest or touch it without your express permission.
  • Monthly
    Every month, we have external auditors who check that the number of receipts matches the amount in the reserves – basically meaning it always balances out.
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2. Information security
  • Encryption
    You want your money to be in safe hands – and it is. We have a decentralised ledger technology that enables us to provide accurate and private validations of all transactions.
  • Secure e-wallet
    All of your financial information is completely private – so only you can see your transaction history and view receipts. To access the e-wallet, we also have a two-step verification process with PIN and private key, to make it even more secure.
3. Governance security
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US-regulated trustees
In Nevada and South Dakota (where the treasuries are based), there are really tight regulations. This means our trusts are highly controlled, audited, and monitored – keeping your money entirely safe at all times.
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professional directors
We work with a number of different advisors and directors. One of these is TMF, who ensure that there is full compliance with accounting, corporate tax and human resource obligations. We carefully select our Directors and Officers, making sure they have the highest qualifications, skills and experience in company management
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Conflict-free shareholding structure
We use a Swiss foundation code. This effectively means our framework conditions are entirely clear, with a defined purpose and operate under the strictest governance requirements.
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